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13 August 2012 @ 01:33 pm
fic: Show Me Your Teeth  
Title: Show Me Your Teeth
Pairing: Yunho x Changmin
Rating: NC-17
Summary: A night with Seoul's devious Jung millionaire is just what Changmin was looking for,and so much more.
Warning: This fic contains Master/Sub play, bondage, and electrosex.

Notes: It has taken me over a year to write this fic. :/ and I was beginning to think that I would never write again, let alone get this fic finished.  It has been a labour of love and I hope that it turned out at a satisfactory level.  It was originally based on Lady GaGa's song "Teeth."  It's changed a little bit since then, but that song was and is still the inspiration for this fic.

Money in his hand Yunho passed the crisp bills over to the beautiful man at the door of the exclusive club.  The man smiled eying Yunho up, and the patron took the invitation to tug the man to him by his white-blond hair stealing a quick kiss from the pierced flesh of his bottom lip, tugging on the warm metal. 

The blond man fussed in Yunho’s hold until he was relinquished, perfectly manicured, blood red nails coming up to rub at the abused lip.

“Don’t pretend you didn’t like it JaeJae,” Yunho laughed at the other man.

“You know me too well.”

“Not yet,” Yunho teased.  He enjoyed flirting with the smaller man, even if he would never get anything out of it besides the thrill of the hunt.  Everyone knew the beautiful submissive was already well claimed.

Speaking of which.

 “Where’s Junsu?  He never lets you off your leash this easily.”

“Maybe I’ve been really good, or I’m being really bad and I need to be punished.”

Yunho raised an eyebrow at the smouldering look that was being thrown his way before the blond shrugged.

“He’s in the bathroom, so you better get inside before he comes back.   Don’t worry, there are lots of nice things wanting to be taken home and played with.”

“Always looking out for me.  Haven’t seen Mickey have you?”

“Nope, don’t expect to.”

Yunho nodded, the line of his lips pressed thin at the thought of his ex.  He patted Jae’s hand, mumbling an ‘I’ll catch you later,’ before disappearing into the dimly lit club.

Teeth, the city’s exclusive S&M club was at its most alive Saturday nights and Yunho was more than ready for it.  It had been what felt like years since he had found himself caught in the trance of the heavy-bass music and sweaty bodies as they writhed on the dance floor.  Mickey, ever shy, had always complained when Yunho had wanted to go out, not wanting to be seen by people at his most vulnerable.  It always led to some sort of argument until finally he had had enough.  It wasn’t so much not going out to the clubs that bothered Yunho, he could take or leave the vapid nightlife, but what Yunho really wanted was a submissive that wasn’t ashamed about who he was, or the role he liked to play.

Pulling at the fastenings of his jacket, Yunho undid the heavy metal buckles on the long black coat to expose the bare skin of his chest.  He had chosen to wear only the jacket instead of trying to find a shirt that he liked to match with the tight black leather pants.  They hugged every curve of his ass down his long legs to meet with the heavy black boots covering his feet.  He had run some gel through his shortly cropped hair but otherwise left his skin untouched.

Not seeing anything he liked with his first scan of the room, Yunho made his way over for a drink before he took to the dance floor for the remainder of the evening.


1:32 a.m, Yunho flashed the l.c.d screen of his cell phone quickly to check the time.  He had been dancing for nearly 2 hours minus the live whipping that was the attraction for the evening.  It had been a good time to catch a smoke and flirt with the blond again.  Whips weren’t really his thing anyway.   He had contemplated leaving shortly after that but had let Jae talk him into staying for one more set and now he was ever so grateful that he had acquiesced. 

The tall man moved like liquid sin in the middle of the dance floor oblivious, Yunho smirked, to pretty much every single Dom’s eyes on him.  He was young, Yunho thought as he let his eyes roam, but that didn’t mean much.  Black laced boots crawled up the man’s legs, hugged his calves just high enough to kiss his knees.  Yunho swallowed as black stockings continued the journey where the boots left off, red garters peeking out from the tiny shorts hugging his ass.   If Yunho had to guess he would say that the sleeveless shirt was about three sizes too small, riding up to reveal a smooth stomach and clinging to every muscle the low neckline was doing nothing to conceal. Sleek, black, fingerless gloves encased his arms up to his elbows before strong biceps took over.  His hair was short, spiked, but what stuck out the most was the black kissing under his eyes and the touch of silver glitter at his temples.

Yunho watched as the other brushed off every man who was trying to dance with him.  He wondered what the boy was playing at as he eventually refused two more men nipping at his heals.  Sipping his second alcoholic drink of the evening Yunho was beginning to rethink approaching the stranger, he didn’t feel like being added to the body count, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t enjoy the show.   Yunho continued to watch, fantasizing about the man collared and bound until the fantasy turned and stared right at him, a vulnerable, yet highly sexualized glimmer in his eyes before he licked his lips and turned around to continue dancing. 

Yunho was crossing the dance floor seconds later, not caring if the action looked achingly desperate.  He fit his body behind the other man’s following the roll of his hips. Yunho let his hands wander down the man’s arms feeling the play of firm muscles under flawless skin, held onto his hips as they moved together.  He pulled the other man back fitting them closer together as he pulled them through the heavy beat, a smile of victory on Yunho’s lips when the other let his head fall back onto his shoulder.   The long limbed man smelt like barely discovered sin, eyes dark pools, and Yunho found himself strangely drawn to the plump pout of his top lip; like someone had spent too long sucking there once. 

When the set ended for a break before the final show of the night Yunho let his tongue curl around the man’s pierced lobe, sharing his name and an invitation for a more private place to play.  To his disappointment the man put distance between them, said something Yunho didn’t quite catch and then disappeared into the crowd. 

Feeling jilted Yunho figured that was his cue to leave.  There was no one else worth playing with if he couldn’t have the tall teasing beauty.   He made his way to the door.  He’d ask Jae if he’d seen the tall man before.  The blond knew everyone who came in and out of the club doors, so surely he knew something about him too. 

When Yunho finally made his way to the door he caught Jae trying to flag him down. 

“Hey Yunho,” the blond beckoned him.   “I have a present for you.”

“You’re gorgeous ass in my sling?”  Yunho teased.

“I don’t think my master’s the sharing type, you’ll have to settle for this instead.”

Yunho took the offered piece of paper from the blond’s fingers, unfolding it to read the neatly scrawled characters.

 “So, the gorgeous pet does have a name,” Yunho smiled.

“What does it say?”

Yunho just smiled wider, handing the scrap of paper over to the other man with a kiss on the cheek before he was making his way to the parking lot.  He could hear Jae whistle after him, the words on the paper burned into his brain.

Let me see your mean.

... /// ... /// ... /// ...

The parking lot was dark, lit only by a scant number of lights reaching far above the dotted pavement.  Yunho frowned as small droplets of rain soaked into his clothing and beaded on his skin.  It made everything so dreary and depressing.  He hopped his whole evening wouldn’t end that way.   Trying to locate any other living figure in the parking lot was harder than he thought it would be for an open area so large, and a mysterious man who was so tall. 

Maybe he changed his mind, Yunho’s mind doubted.  Maybe he found someone younger, more his age.  Someone with a long whip and a short crop. 

He shook his head to rid himself of the defeatist thoughts.  Why leave a message at all if you weren’t even going to bother?  Especially a message so forward and dripping with arousal.  Yunho took one more sweep of the lot before he made a move towards where he had parked his Lexus.

By the time Yunho had found his car he had found the tall mysterious man.

The elegant stranger leaned up against one of the cement barriers, his eyes aloof and almost cocky.  Arms crossed at his chest, Yunho began to notice muscles and definition where he had only been able to feel it before.  His mouth watered as his cock stirred in the tight confines of his pants.  When the other smirked in his direction he knew he was sporting an impressive hard-on.

“Changmin?”  Yunho beckoned, and the man raised an eyebrow pushing away from the support.

Almost prowling Yunho watched him advance and wondered for a minute if this man had any intention of submitting to him fully, or if he should call it off before it even began.  Hoping for the best Yunho waited until he was in reach.   The older man’s firm hand closed along the smooth column of his neck, pushing Changmin roughly against the side of his car. Trapping him with his full body, Yunho used his teeth to pull at the diamond stud pierced through the fleshy earlobe until the younger man cried out. 

“You’ve been naughty, teasing me like that in-front of everyone.  Flaunting yourself for everyone to look at, like a little slut.  I think you need to be taught a lesson, teach you some humility.  Tell me are you going to let me teach you that less? Are you going to let me punish you Minnie?”

“Don’t call me that.”

The younger man pushed at his chest trying to free himself and Yunho could feel his heart beat quicken, his teeth grind in annoyance.   The small feint of resistance made Yunho smile as he continued to struggle with enough strength to seem convincing.  Yunho felt himself relax slightly, Changmin had done this before.

Enjoying the feeling of a young body squirming under his own, the older man narrowed his gaze to look sternly at the other.  He grabbed onto his wrists, pulling Changmin’s arms out before pushing him harder into the sleek lines of Yunho’s sports car.   A wince lined the tall man’s face, Yunho knowing full well that the door-handle was biting into Changmin’s back.

“I’ll call you whatever I see fit. When I ask a question I expect an answer with no amount of backtalk.    Now, don’t make me repeat myself or I will get very angry and I don’t think you’re ready to see me very angry.”

Yunho could feel Changmin swallow just as much as he could see it.


“Yes what Minnie?”

The man’s eyes flared before he looked away.

“Yes, master, please punish me.”

Yunho rewarded him with a kiss because damn it he needed to feel that top lip quiver under the press of his teeth. The first brush of skin had them both shivering into one another.  By the second Yunho had released on of Changmin’s arms, burying his hand instead in the other’s wealth of chestnut brown hair.  Yunho pulled hard, angling the younger man’s head until he could plunder Changmin’s moth with is tongue.   The tall beauty whimpered so Yunho decided to add more fuel to the fire and pressed his knee in-between Changmin’s legs.  The movement caused him to cry out breaking the kiss as he all but humped Yunho’s leg in the middle of the parking lot.

“What’s your safe-word?” Yunho asked.  His chest was heaving, trying to force air into his lungs and subsequently blood back into his brain. He released Changmin entirely, fumbling for the keys to the Lexus.

“Checkmate,” was the quick response, and Yunho smiled as he pushed the man unceremoniously into his car.

... /// ... /// ... /// ...

The lights overhead flickered to life illuminating the play-room’s large expanse, and Changmin breathed it all in.  The ceiling lights did nothing to lighten the room with its dark walls and rich walnut beaming. If it wasn’t for all of the leather and steel decorating every surface Changmin would have felt as if he were in some way a medieval dungeon.   He wouldn’t be far from the truth.  His body thrummed with anticipation as, eyes darting, he took it all in. He had heard the stories.   The tales of the tall and gorgeous Jung millionaire who owned the upscale S&M club, the whisperings of the unconventional ways in which he liked to play, and the collection of unique toys at his disposal.

 Nothing had even begun to prepare Changmin for it to be true.   

He couldn’t help the audible catch in his breath when the door closed with a solid thud, nor could he pretend he didn’t see Yunho leer upon hearing it.

“Well, let’s see how capable you are of follow orders.”  Yunho called from across the room.  “Stand in the middle of the room, feet apart, and under no circumstances are you allowed to come tonight without my permission,” Yunho’s voice was deep and commanding, finger direct as he indicated where he wanted Changmin to stand.  As soon as Changmin had taken up the proper stance Yunho had turned away from him. The older man’s quiet dominance called for patience and trust and Changmin was more than ready to give it.  

Bare feet padding on the floor, Yunho slipped his jacket off his shoulders. He smirked when he caught eyes taking him in.  Changmin watched him intently. His eyes darted as they took in the situation, dilating slightly as his arousal grew.  Yunho smirked.  It almost felt like he was being sized up, tested or as though he were holding some sort of hidden knowledge.  Changmin’s eyes were so mesmerizing that Yunho allowed the other man to observe him, watching the reactions as his fingers ran over several toys until he grew bored. 

“Eyes on the floor,” Yunho barked, after another long glance. “Pets who don’t know their place don’t deserve to play, and you want to play don’t you Minnie?”

“Yes Master!”

Sharp and quick, the reply made Yunho smirk at the enthusiasm. He continued to mull over his choices leaving the younger man to his thoughts. Finally Yunho settled on a rich, blue and black collar, the matching cuffs beside it twinkling with silver hardware. 

A brush of Yunho’s index finger brought Changmin’s head up so that their eyes could meet before the younger man looked off to the side.  Yunho’s fingers skilfully closed the collar around Changmin’s neck, securing it; snug, but by no means restricting.  The older man smiled.  Blue was indeed a fine contrast to the younger man’s skin tone.

“Now you truly are my pet.”

With a step backwards, Yunho’s fingers traced the top of the collar around the gentle curve until they hit Changmin’s Adam’s apple.  He brushed over the soft skin just as the younger man swallowed, finger rising and falling with Changmin’s eagerness.  His fingers continued over the metal hoop at the middle of the collar, pulling, forcing Changmin to move closer until Yunho could take another kiss from those sinful lips.  Their tongues met somewhere in the middle, moving, shifting, until Yunho could catch the tip in his teeth.  He dragged Changmin’s tongue into his mouth, sucking roughly until the other man began to squirm and then dragging it out further. 

 “You’re shaking my pet,” Yunho commented, brushing his knuckles over Changmin’s cheek.

Body strumming, Changmin’s eyes were fixed on the wall over Yunho’s shoulder.  “Just … just excited master.  Please touch me, play with me.”

Yunho smirked.  Oh he would most certainly play with this new toy until Changmin was begging Yunho to fuck him.

Thinking back on the thing that had drawn Yunho’s eye to the man while they were at the club, He appraised Changmin’s long arms accentuated by the black satin they were encased in.   He let his fingers run over toned shoulders and biceps, collecting the fabric and pulling towards Changmin’s fingers. Their arms stretched out at their sides until Yunho had run out of limb and the bunched fabric dropped to the ground.

“Keep your arms there. I do not want to see them fall, understand?”

A quick ‘yes master’ was his reply seconds before Yunho was carding his fingers through Changmin’s hair, pulling his head sideways and sinking his teeth into the soft flesh covering Changmin’s neck.  He didn’t suck, just bit, rolled the skin in his mouth with his teeth, savouring the taste of the submissive until Changmin whimpered and finally cried out.

“You want me to touch you like this Minnie, play with you like this?”  Changmin tried to nod, too caught up in the bite to speak and Yunho smiled.

 Ever since he was little Yunho loved the feeling of biting people, the press of his teeth against warm flesh just hard enough to get a reaction.  When he was old enough he had found the sexual pleasure that it could bring both him and others.   It was only natural that Teeth would be the first club he had established when he became wealthy. 

He continued his path across Changmin’s skin and the young man in his arms squirmed when the second, harder bite pressed into his skin just below the first, gave a delicious moan with the third; the pain blossoming into pleasure.  Fighting to keep his arms extended Changmin tried to grind against him, erection hard against Yunho’s body. 

“What a gorgeous sound,” Yunho praised, releasing Changmin abruptly.  “You taste just as good as you look.  Such a pity so much of you is covered up.  Strip, I want you naked.”

With crossed arms Yunho waited until Changmin gained enough composure to find the hem of his shirt. Curling his fingers under the dark fabric Changmin pulled up.  Yunho could only stare in cold anticipation as all that smooth creamy skin coming into view.  He felt his mouth water.  All of that unblemished skin just waiting to be marked.  He had to turn away.  He couldn’t get too excited too quickly.  Changmin expected to be played with, and Yunho had every intention of providing an apt punishment to the dark man’s earlier transgressions.

Concentrating on where he wanted the night to go next, Yunho‘s eyes trailed along the table where he had found the collar, looking for the small toy he had seen a couple of minutes ago. Its long slender tubing stood out under the gleaming silver of the metal table.  Its red colour made the wires running inside barely visible.  The long handle of the wand always fit comfortably in his hand; like he was meant to hold it even though it was one of the toys Yunho didn’t get to play with very often.  Most men shied away from Electro-stimulation. But he had a feeling Changmin would be different.

When he returned his gaze back to the middle of the room, Yunho’s breath came up short at the sight of Changmin standing proudly naked yet still managing to look ever the perfect submissive.  His lean body was defined in all the right places.  Strong arms melding into broad shoulders and toned pectoral muscles.  Taught dusky nipples begged to be sucked on or pinched in biting clamps.  So many possibilities lie in those little nubs. Yunho could only stand and lick is lips as he stared at Changmin’s strong thighs and then his cock, already hard, tip gleaming with the just the slightest amount of pre-come. 

“I must admit, you are one of the most beautiful pets I’ve ever had in my playroom.  But there are some things that don’t quite add up.  You seemed awfully certain I would take you home, passing up all of those attractive, capable Doms at the club.  You know who I am, don’t you?”

“I …!”  Changmin panicked.  His voice cracked as a small shock popped on his thigh and he couldn’t finish his rebuttal.

“Don’t lie,” Yunho scolded.

“Yes master.”

“So you know I don’t like playing with whips and paddles.  You already know I don’t normally take home feral pets.  However, now that I’ve seen you, and you’ve been somewhat well behaved, I think I’ll make an exception for you Minnie. I like that you know what you want.”

“Thank you Master.”

Yunho smirked right before the snap of the wand was heard again.  Changmin whimpered as it hit quickly on his abs, the muscles jumping and twitching in reaction.  His skin turned slightly pink and then quickly faded.  Only Changmin’s cock pumping out more pre-come gave evidence to how much he was affected by the sensation the electricity produced in his body.

“Don’t think my praise will make your punishment any less.” Yunho warned.  “Hands behind your back, you’ve been free long enough.”

Turning away to retrieve the cuffs, Yunho‘s brow knit in annoyance when he turned back to see Changmin still standing with his hands loose at his sides and a challenge in his eyes.

“Are you trying to make me angry pet?  Because you are doing a wonderful job.  I’m starting to think you really don’t want me to touch you at all tonight.”

The look in Changmin’s eyes faltered for a split second, right before his whole body jerked as Yunho touched the wand high up his inner thigh.  An almost ghostly whimper broke past the younger man’s lips, but still Changmin refused to give up his defiance, arms glued tightly to his sides. 

Upping the ante Yunho tapped him twice quickly with the wand, once right beside each dusky nipple.  The twin shocks caused Changmin to cry out, chest heaving as his he began to pant with the sensation of pleasurable pain.   Pre-come pumped from his cock to dribble over the head.  

“Do you think I’m joking? I can do this all night pet. You’re only suffering needlessly.  Or do you like it?  All that power working through you, it’s made you so hard already. You really are the slut I thought you were.”  Yunho rebuked.  His hand moved to sweep the droplets of come off the head of Changmin’s dick before making a few full, firm pumps. 

Changmin cried out, almost doubling over.  “M… master!  Please don’t … I”

“Hands behind your back pet.”

And finally, with what seemed like almost a show of reluctance; Changmin’s hands were drawn behind his back, fingers lacing together.  The cuffs fit snugly against the younger man’s skin, not enough to chafe, but more than tight enough to be a constant reminder that he was bound and at Yunho’s mercy.   Grabbing a strip of rope off the table Yunho quickly bound Changmin’s elbows too, extra punishment for the show of disobedience.

“Better pet,” Yunho praised, pulling on Changmin’s bound arms until they were standing face to face, their bodies almost touching. 

Changmin shut his eyes and tried to take deep calming breaths.  The anticipation of the whole evening was rushing through him; the atmosphere of the club, the sway of bodies, and the softly whispered rumour that the deviant owner was prowling the floor.  It had been all Changmin could do not to come the second Yunho first whispered across his ear.    

Focusing on Yunho’s warm breath Changmin tentatively closed his eyes.  The sharp bite to his shoulder was the last thing Changmin expected.  His eyes flying back open the small stinging shock against his hip caused him to cry out.  

“Mmm, I think I could come just from the taste of your skin,” Yunho hummed as his tongue worked its way up the bound man’s neck, teeth grazing just under Changmin’s ear.  The cry that the small action produced echoed through the room.

“Quiet pet.  My neighbours will begin to think very naughty things if you keep screaming like that.” 

Yunho just caught the press of teeth into bottom lip as he continued licking across Changmin’s skin, this time beginning at his collarbone and working his way down and across the younger man’s chest.  The licks were randomly interspersed with nips and bites and Changmin continued to pant and whimper under the treatment, thankful that Yunho was overlooking the quiet infractions.

The slightly flushed skin was delicately smooth under Yunho’s tongue.  The taste of sweat and something distinct to the tall young man lingered as a pleasant aftertaste along his palate.   He hit a particularly sensitive spot and Changmin cried out again, Yunho’s teeth digging in just beside his left pectoral muscle.  This time the bite was joined by an electric pop beside Changmin’s right nipple.

 The mixing sensations sent every nerve in the younger man’s body alight until if felt like he was on fire from the inside out.  Changmin couldn’t stop himself from making the sound even if he had tried. Only this time Yunho didn’t ignore the sound, and suddenly lips and warmth were pulled completely away, causing Changmin to whimper.

“Such a bad pet!” Yunho admonished, standing to his full height.  “If you can’t control yourself I will have to gag you.  Is that what you want?”

Changmin shook his head ‘no’ eyes repentant.  

 Not that Yunho was unaffected by the sounds the younger man was making.   Yunho was almost uncomfortably hard in his tight leather pants.  But he felt it was a welcome change to the last few one night stands he had had which seemed so vapid and disappointing. 

His mind drifted slightly back to Mickey.  He thought they had been good together, had a lot in common even outside the bedroom.  But Mickey had always been quiet, introspective and private, leaving Yunho to feel, unjustly or not, like the other man was ashamed to show off how much Yunho loved him.  It eventually lead to one fight too many and Yunho had been left alone.  Perhaps he could find something to hold on to with this man.

“Mas … m…master, please,” Changmin’s voice had a harsh edge to it, quiet and rough.

It was enough to draw Yunho’s attention back into focus. He had to keep his head in the game.

 He looked up nonchalantly, almost as if were annoyed.


“I … please … I’m going to come. I don’t… want...Please.”

“And you think this is somehow my concern?”  Yunho sighed, looking irritated. “Fine, I suppose I could let you have a cock-ring, seeing as how you are such a wantonly slutty pet and incapable of controlling yourself.  Don’t think I will be as lenient next time.”

“I’m sorry Master.  Thank you.”

Turning, Yunho stalked away and Changmin took the moment to take in a deep breath to calm his body.   Having the Jung Yunho torment and control him was even better than he had thought and heard.  They hadn’t even done anything overly sexual, but it was so much more than Changmin had ever experienced.  He doubted anything, or anybody, would ever be able to turn him on this much ever again.

After what felt like an eternity, Yunho returned.  The older man said nothing, but the feeling of the cock ring fitted snugly around Changmin’s erection was painful bliss; the shock of the deep bite on his upper thigh jolting.  His knees buckling, Changmin cried out as Yunho caught him before he fell to the floor.

Quickly assessing the pile of trembling limbs at his feet, Yunho took a firm grip on Changmin’s hair pulling until the man was righted on his knees. Yunho’s perfected, menacing glare pointed right at the submissive in his control.

“So ungrateful after all I’ve given you,” Yunho growled with mock exasperation.  “Seeing as how you obviously can’t keep silent like I asked you to, we’ll just have to fill your mouth with something and I think you can start with my cock. Open your mouth.”

The resolute stare that was returned to him almost made Yunho chuckle. “Are you refusing me Minnie, or did you just not hear me? I said open your mouth.”

When Changmin continued to stare at him, Yunho reached forward with his free hand, pressing at the bound man’s jaw until it opened.  Holding Changmin there and moving the hand from its grip on his hair, Yunho was able to pull the zipper holding his pants closed and with a little manoeuvring settle his cock into the warm heat of the other man’s mouth.

Changmin’s eyes watered slightly at the tight grip Yunho had on his face and the slight gag when Yunho’s cock was shoved fully into his mouth.  With the release of his jaw, Changmin closed his lips around the thick flesh swallowing the first pump of pre-come; the first taste of Yunho heady and masculine. 

Changmin swirled his tongue around the spongy head, pushed it under and along the vein towards the base of Yunho’s cock.  Yunho’s fingers flexed and pulled in Changmin’s hair as the younger man bobbed his head back and forth using his tongue to massage along the skin.   Pulling back towards the crown Changmin hollowed his cheeks, using the tip of his tongue to push into the slit.

 And then Yunho was pulling, fucking his face so that Changmin had to relax his throat in order to not gag continuously.  He did a couple times anyway, and feeling Yunho vibrate was well worth it.

Abruptly, Yunho bent over him, forcing his cock into the back of Changmin’s throat, as though he were going to come any second.  Unable to breathe as he nose was pressed into the base of Yunho’s cock, Changmin’s head began to swim.  But then his arms were released, and Yunho shoved Changmin away harshly.  Changmin threw his arms out to break his fall, as both of their heavy breathing echoing through the still room.

“Shit, I think you deserve a reward for that.”

Pleased that Changmin was just the right height on his knees, Yunho wrapped his fingers once more into the younger man’s hair.   “Come,” was the command, followed by an unforgiving tug on the silky locks.

Yunho smiled as the man stayed close to his side, crawling fast enough to keep up with his long stride. He could sense that Changmin was unsure of where they were going, but he trusted enough that Yunho wouldn’t lead him into anything unseemly.  That blind faith made Yunho’s pride swell a little.  He had cultivated a reputation he was proud of in the fetish circles he moved in, and was pleased it was paying off by allowing him to meet such an exquisite Sub as Changmin. 

Pushing back a heavy black curtain Yunho allowed Changmin a glimpse of what exactly they were headed towards.   The opposite side of the play-room was full of padded benches, wall restraints and other paraphernalia Changmin had only read about.   His eyes wide, they headed towards one of the benches at the far end, its slender cushion only as wide and as long as Changmin’s torso, with lower levels for arms and legs.

“Up,” came the command, accentuated by a harsh tug on his hair.  “Lay down on your stomach, arms and legs on each side.”

The material was cold against his feverish skin and as soon as he had settled Changmin could feel Yunho pull the restraints tight around his ankles.  A single fingertip dragged up his back until Yunho was at his wrists securing them in the same manner.  Changmin trembled with the feeling of being so vulnerable in-front of the tall man. He could feel every nerve in his body twitch and quiver, muscles jerking as he tested the give on the restraints.  His leaking erection was trapped underneath him, but raising his hips even the fraction that he could, was of little help.

“Are you comfortable my pet?” Yunho smiled when he had worked his way around the tall man.  He stood in-front of Changmin, a long strip of fabric being pulled back and forth through his hands.  “Close your eyes if you want your reward.”

Changmin closed his eyes and Yunho tied the strip of fabric around his head plunging him into total darkness. 

The feeling of the single fingertip along his back returned right on top of his spine.  He tried to arch into it as it continued down; dipping into the divot of his tailbone but it was of little use.     Changmin’s gasp echoed through the room  when, with both hands settled on his firm ass, Yunho spread his cheeks and spit right on his hole, rubbing the liquid around with his index finger.  The edges of the crinoline pout quivered before relaxing and Yunho pushed his finger inside up to the first knuckle. Changmin moaned wantonly, clenching tentatively around the digit, hips rising to try and get more of Yunho inside him.

“Be still,” Yunho warned, right before he sunk his teeth into the firm globe of Changmin’s ass cheek.  Changmin screamed, but Yunho didn’t stop and bit again closer to the finger moving inside of Changmin.  Yunho rubbed his tongue into the firm flesh, roaming until he was swirling around his finger.  He swiped it along the cleft leaving a wet trail before returning to lap at the younger man’s opening again and again.

He could faintly hear Changmin’s constant litany of moans and whimpers as he added more spit, then used his tongue to push at the rim, coaxing it into releasing until he was able to press his tongue into the Changmin’s trembling body.

Changmin’s babbling litany changed to please Yunho pulled away, his whole body heaving with the need to come.

“Patience pet. Trust me when I say you’re going to want me to use lube.”

A calming hand settled on Changmin’s lower back right before he felt a large amount of cold lubricant hit in and around his hole.  The contrast caused him to suck in a lungful of air and he exhaled in a long whine as Yunho pushed in two fingers, stretching him wider.  The older man crooked his fingers, pressing deep to rub against Changmin’s prostate as he bit into the fleshy rounds of ass again.

“Oh gods! Please…” Changmin cried.

“Please what pet?” Yunho asked, rotating and spreading his fingers, pulling at Changmin’s body to open for him.

“Please … please fuck.”

“Hmm, I don’t think you’re ready pet. I’m not sure you want it bad enough yet.”

Pushing a third digit in beside the other two, licked at the cleft again and left a purpling bite on his lower back when he reached again for the bottle of lube.  Spreading an abundant amount in and around Changmin’s opening Yunho reached for the plug he had rested near the younger man’s knee.  He twirled it in the liquid pooling at the stretched opening, letting Changmin feel it before Yunho began to slowly press it into his body.

“Master!” Changmin cried out at the stretch, unsure if he had ever taken a plug as big as that one felt.

Yunho stopped, rested his free hand on Changmin’s lower back.  “Relax pet, I know it’s big, but you can handle it.”

Finally Yunho felt Changmin relax, and the plug slipped in easily until the flared base was resting against Changmin’s body.

“See pet, you did very well.  I knew you could take it,” Yunho praised, as he made his way around Changmin’s prone body.   Stopping only to rid himself of the remainder of his clothes. “Now open your mouth so you can finish what you started.”

Yunho’s fingers trailed over his lips and Changmin moaned at the taste of lube and the muskiness of his own body.   He opened his mouth, needing to feel the older in his throat again and the distraction from the pleasure coursing through him.  The second Yunho’s cock pushed passed his lips; however, the humming burst of electricity travelled through his body and straight to his cock.

“Like that pet?  Better than all those vibrating plugs and cock rings isn’t it?  Channelling just the slightest amount of electrical current into the greatest pleasure.

Changmin moaned around the cock in his mouth.  He was trying so hard to suck on Yunho properly, but every time he would settle into a rhythm another sinful jolt would burst from the plug and he would stop to sob into Yunho’s skin.  Over and over again until eventually he gave up, body covered in sweat as he tried desperately to hump the bench. 

He knew he was mumbling something as Yunho pushed lazily in and out of his mouth, but he didn’t know what.  He didn’t realize he was pleading until Yunho pulled away and removed the blindfold from his eyes.

Yunho’s lips touched Changmin’s swollen ones kissing him lightly, tongue dragging along his bottom lip until he was calm enough to look up at them man in-front of him.  “I think I’m going to fuck you now.”

And Changmin would have said something smart like “it’s about fucking time” but his brain could only render half the words, never mind make his mouth say them.

This time all four of Yunho’s nails scratched down his back, and this time Changmin purred.  The cuffs around his ankles were loosened right before Yunho’s tongue dug in under the base of the plug.  He could feel Changmin’s hole quiver around the toy with over-stimulation and it tasted like lube and the taste he could now identify as purely Changmin.  Prolonging the time he spent licking, his fingers dug under until with a squelching sound from all the lube he could ease the plug out of the younger man.  He watched as now stretch crinoline pout shuddered and pulsed around air, idling reaching for a condom and rolling it over his cock.

The first thrust into Changmin’s body was heaven.  Pure bliss Yunho thought and he already wanted to have this man again.  Hands on the younger man’s hips, Yunho began a steady pace, Changmin meeting him with ever roll of his hips.  They were both panting heavily.  He could see Changmin’s fingers digging into the padding of the bench as a cry tore from his lips at random intervals. 

Shifting, Yunho quickened his strokes, no longer pulling all the way out, but pushing in forcefully.  He wasn’t going to last long the way Changmin was moving and clenching around him.  He reached under Changmin, groping for his cock; he needed the younger man to come with him.

Finding it, Yunho tugged, and with the release of the ring Changmin screamed.

“Come pet, now.”

Changmin sobbed as Yunho pumped his erection, coming with a scream.  Yunho continued to pump Changmin as he came, following shortly after, goaded on by Changmin’s shuddering, clenching body. 

Forehead resting on Changmin’s lower back Yunho tried to gathering his composure.  He hadn’t come that hard in a while.  Finally when he didn’t feel like he was going to fall over, Yunho pulled out of Changmin’s body, causing them both to moan.  Disposing of the condom, Yunho came around the bench and made quick work of the wrist restraints.  He lifted Changmin’s exhausted body up until he was sitting and unclasped the collar.  When it too was lying on the bench beside them Yunho guided Changmin forward so that they could share a kiss.  His fingertips nestled in the fringe of Changmin’s hair, cupping his face lightly as Yunho ran his tongue along the seam of the other man’s lips.  He brushed along Changmin’s palate when he was finally given access, allowing the man to return the favour mapping out Yunho’s mouth. 

When they finally parted, Yunho brushed his thumb over a purpling bite mark on Changmin’s chest. 

“Sorry, I’m usually not that rough the first time.”

“What about the second?” Changmin smirked, standing to his full height in-front of Yunho. 

The older man laughed, his face blossoming into a full smile that made the Changmin weak at the knees. “You’ll just have to stick around and find out.  Come on, I’m tired. My bed is more than big enough for the two of us, and contrary to rumour I like to cuddle.” 

Changmin laughed at that, stealing another quick kiss before he was being ushered towards a set of hidden stairs.  “Do you treat every pet you bring home to a royal tour?” 

It was probably the wrong question to ask, and the wrong time, but Changmin didn’t care.

“Only the ones I want to make breakfast for, and that hasn’t happened for a long time.”

Changmin smiled as he let Yunho drag him into the most exquisite bed he’d ever lied in. The older man pulled him close, wrapping him in strong arms.  Changmin closed his eyes suddenly exhausted, grateful for the warmth and sense of security the other man exuded.

“Then I should definitely stay for breakfast.”

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Lolistar: pic#116872945lolistar73 on August 14th, 2012 01:53 am (UTC)
Wow. Just *wow*. Amazing amazing amazing! I love the idea of multimillionaire Yunho needing a sub and Changmin being the defiant and resistant one! =D The smut was fantastic and I love the little touches of Yunho and Changmin in there ;D LOL You did a fantastic job! I loved Yunho flirting with Jae and the idea of Changmin in short shorts, garters and long sleeve gloves XD The smut was super amazing (as I said) and I like the unique idea of electro-play (is that the term for it? lol).

I hope you decide to do a follow up in this verse one day! It's super awesome! :)
Sevchu: se7en: bondage fettishdreaminthepast on August 14th, 2012 05:45 pm (UTC)
^0^ Thank you so much! I think that Yunho being wealthy or the head of something just adds to his power and dominance. I like to inflate his ego a little ;D lol. And Changmin is just the perfect sub.. ... (Jae is my guilty pleasure, kind of like Changmin's legs.)

Um, I've seen it referred to by different names, but electro-play just sounded the best :D. I would like to write more with it as the main kink, as no one else seems to know about it, but I can make no promises :(

Though I am working on a companion piece, it will just be a different pairing.
DelusionaLL: junsu blue hairbe_ddelusionall on August 17th, 2012 05:20 am (UTC)

it's late
and i'm tired

man what a gorgeous bedtime story

i loved it!!!

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That was mouth-watering sexy. Yumm. Thanks a bunch for sharing this with us. :3♥
coychick: pic#116996016coychick on July 2nd, 2013 02:03 am (UTC)
WOW. Just WOW.

*standing O*
Sevchu: 정윤호: stopping hearts on a globaldreaminthepast on July 9th, 2013 03:58 am (UTC)
*bows*. Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed :)
Minesomineminesomine on November 21st, 2014 08:48 pm (UTC)
Sevchudreaminthepast on November 22nd, 2014 07:01 pm (UTC)
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