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02 May 2012 @ 12:13 am
Seeking You: 8/?  
Title: Seeking You Chapter 8
Author: Dreaminthepast
Pairing: Jaejoong x Yunho / Changmin x Yoochun (Junsu x Yunho)
Rating (overall) NC-17 This Chapter PG
Summary: On a quest to fulfill his birthright Jaejoong must conqueror more than just the Dark Elf plotting to destroy his city walls, he must also find it in his heart to heal the man broken at his feet. Meanwhile, the brother lost in the shadows must find his inner strength before the one he's destined to love looses his life to the endless pursuit of revenge and despair.

Yunho shivered, his body so weak it was the only movement he could muster against the chilling cold of the cell floor.   The guards had come through less than an hour ago sloping gruel and bread into bowls for each prisoner confined to this hell.  Yunho had used all of his strength to crawl across the floor like some beaten animal eating greedily until he collapsed.  Now he lay with his head resting against the solid iron bars, only able to look along the narrow hallway and into the eyes of those around him doomed to live the same garish existence. 

Yunho’s skin itched where the needles had punctured into his body, the flesh red and puffy.  He felt sick and feverish, what little sleep he could get was filled with nightmares of metal and pain.  The long protruding canines the King pulled from his inner form almost five days ago cut into his lip, the tiny streams of blood having dried and caked down his face.  Yunho tried to lick his swollen lips but he didn’t have the energy, could only lie on the damp stone waiting for the King to return and praying for death.

Either was only a matter of time. 

A commotion at the end of the hallway drew his attention, eyes shifting  until he could see a bright light and what looked like four shadows carrying something awkwardly large.  As the forms grew closer Yunho could make out the four regular guards hauling what looked like a large glass cube, and whatever was inside of it appeared to be moving.   Two of them had their backs to the shape shifter, the corners of glass held snugly in their hands.  The remaining two walked forwards trying not to outpace their comrades. 

By the time they reached Yunho’s cell his wavering eyesight could finally make out what exactly was going on.  Whispers had irrupted along the hallway, faint murmurs even his advanced hearing couldn’t quite make out compounded by so many languages he didn’t understand.  His eyes grew wide and disbelieving, the cube wasn’t a cube at all, but rather a tank full of cloudy water, and the creature inside was one Yunho had never seen before, only heard of in stories and myths told around his family’s hearth. 

She was as beautiful a creature as Yunho had ever seen or could imagine; flowing goldenrod hair and emerald green eyes.   Her dainty hands pressed against the glass as she looked out into the faces pressed against iron bars.  Yunho could just make out the webbing in-between each finger, a simple pearl bracelet strung around her wrist.   Her tail waved slowly behind her in the cramped space its green hue a compliment to her eyes.

“A mermaid,” Yunho whispered his voice full of awe. 

And then his mind filled with regret that such a perfect creature was in the hands of such an ugly Elf.  He would destroy her for his own profit and ambition just like he had every other creature, and it was only a matter of time before he had learned what he wanted and unleashed his evil like a plague in the night.

Yunho felt the first tear slide down his cheek as the light from the guards began to wane.  He cried as he did every night wishing for a salvation he knew would never come. 

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