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13 March 2012 @ 05:19 pm
Seeking You: 6/?  
Title: Seeking You Chapter 6
Author: Dreaminthepast
Pairing: Jaejoong x Yunho / Changmin x Yoochun (Junsu x Yunho)
Rating (overall) NC-17 This Chapter G
Summary: On a quest to fulfill his birthright Jaejoong must conqueror more than just the Dark Elf plotting to destroy his city walls, he must also find it in his heart to heal the man broken at his feet. Meanwhile, the brother lost in the shadows must find his inner strength before the one he's destined to love looses his life to the endless pursuit of revenge and despair.

They had left early the next morning while the sun was still low on the horizon. Orange and yellow hues snuck their way between the trees of the forest’s canopy all of the morning’s flowers slowly waking up and coming into bloom.

Four dapple-grey horses galloped at a steady pace pulling behind them a plain, almost non-assuming carriage. Its wood sideboards blended into the thick underbrush strung out along both sides of the road, the top finials resembling the high reaching pine trees they sped past.

Jaejoong sat pressed into the corner of the small interior across from his half-brother. He kept his eyes closed as the younger man watched the forested underbrush pass them by.

Jaejoong yawned deeply, the hat on his head sliding down over his left eye.

“Where did you get that?” Changmin asked, leaning across the space to grab the head piece.

“Hey!” Jaejoong jumped, eyes flying open as he slapped the other man’s hand away. “That’s none of your business. I don’t know why you made me sit here; I told you travelling backward makes me nauseous. Don’t touch me or I’m going to throw up, and I hate throwing up.”

“Gods, you’re such a baby,” Changmin mumbled, not quite under his breath, settling back into the cushioned bench on his side of the carriage.

He continued to stare at his half-brother taking in the plain dark blue uniform that the older man had been given to wear. The jacket hung open displaying Jaejoong’s salvaged undershirt, sleeves rolled up to his elbows. The pants, most likely too long for his shorter frame, were tucked into his grey boots, yellow piping highlighting the shape of his leg.

“That’s Private Lee’s cap, isn’t it?”

“And what if it is?” Jaejoong cracked a recently closed eye to stare at the other man.

“I thought you didn’t care for those of mixed-blood?”

“I don’t. I know Chancellor Lee personally, and who his sons are.”

“I could have him whipped for disobeying orders you know.”

“Aw,” Jaejoong frowned, eyebrows furrowing. “Don’t’ be mad at him. I can assure you he was not out of his quarters after hours.” Jaejoong smirked. “Besides, it just makes the outfit, don’t you think? All I need now are some accessories. Can I have one of yours?”

“No, you most certainly cannot!” Changmin scoffed. “This is a commendation for being the best archer in the unit, and this for leading troops and civilians safely through the Mandor Swamp. I received this medal for fighting in the Out Lands boarder skirmish. I earned these medals. You have to do things in order to earn rewards. All you’ve earned is the reputation of being a spoiled, self centered, whore.”

“How dare you!” Jaejoong yelled, his body bolting upright and Changmin was not surprised when a hand made contact with his face in a stinging slap. “I do things; and I am not self centered.”

“Spending daddy’s money on clothes is not doing things,” Changmin scoffed.

“I haven’t bought a new set of clothes in six days I’ll have you know.”

“Try four; you’ve spent the last two with me.”

“I’ve been busy organizing the next Chancellor’s gala. It’s going to be a masquerade theme which is a lot of work to co-ordinate I’ll have you know.” Jaejoong pointed an indignant finger at him. “I deserve a medal just for arranging the seating chart.” His anger lessening, the huffy tone Changmin thought irritated him the most was back in the other man’s voice.

He watched as Jaejoong re-settled himself on the bench, pulling a pillow to his chest and closing his eyes again. The situation was giving him a headache and his fingers pressed against the bridge of his nose did nothing to relieve the pressure.

Time passed and Jaejoong went thankfully silent across from him. Apparently no longer tired his eyes were trained to the window, sulking, as he watched the forest give way to the open sky. The carriage was now making its way over the bridge that wound its way up to the Sky City. Clouds meandered near them and Changmin could see the mountain peaks in the far distance, large flying birds of prey circling the summits, or, he imagined, one of the fabled blue dragons that haunted the highest regions no one dared to go.

“Are we there yet?” Jaejoong moaned, breaking him of his daydream.


“I don’t understand why we had to take this cramped, smelly carriage. Gods, even the Sky Train was better than this; and faster.”

“We’re taking this carriage because I couldn’t risk you being seen in the city again.”

“Well that’s ridiculous,” Jaejoong slid his eyes over to his half-brother, watching as the other man watched the window. “You’re here to protect me obviously. We would have been fine.”

“My job is to protect the people of Lower Town, and that includes protection from people like you who would rather squander treasury money than see them eat more than one meal a day. You were lucky the first time; I didn’t know who you were. The second time I might just walk away.”

“How can you say that?! You’re my brother.”

“Half-brother,” Changmin shot back at him.

Jaejoong stared, a cold anger settling in his stomach. Now he was certain he wouldn’t survive this quest.

“I don’t want to go on this quest,” Jaejoong sighed, cradling his face in his hands.

“Well, I don’t want to go with you.”

Jaejoong frowned, sitting up against the side of the carriage and pulling his knees to his chin. He adjusted the cap until it settled over both his eyes. “Of course you don’t,” he mumbled into his folded arms. “No one would.”

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alyssawordlesslove on April 1st, 2012 02:52 pm (UTC)
updates, yay!! i love the way you paint the scene, it gets you in the mood of the story very nicely.
as bad as i feel i should feel for jae, i kinda don't~ i do hope that jaemin get close enough one day to have a real sibling relationship though, they both seem to need it.
*swoon* changmin-ah~ such bravery^^ i'd love to have him take care of me, you're so luck jaejoong~~

good luck with the coming chapters, this one was great!
Sevchu: 심창민: min-centricdreaminthepast on April 6th, 2012 04:03 pm (UTC)
Aw thank you. I keep thinking "I'll try writing like this" but I don't think I really can. I've just found my style lol. Stories tend to play themselves out in my head like a movie, so that's how I write them. Like scenes you could watch on screen

I think that JaeMin will realize that they need each other, and that they both aren't what they think. I hope that Jae can prove himself to be caring and not so self absorbed. That's what I wish for him and I think finding Yunho will foster that in him.

lol Me too. And in a dashing military uniform no less!

Thank you!