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22 October 2011 @ 09:40 am
Fic: Seeking You 4/?  
Title: Seeking You Chapter 4
Pairing: Jaejoong x Yunho / Changmin x Yoochun (Junsu x Yunho - dubious)
Rating (overall) NC-17 This Chapter PG
Summary: On a quest to fulfill his birthright Jaejoong must conqueror more than just the Dark Elf plotting to destroy his city walls, he must also find it in his heart to heal the man broken at his feet. Meanwhile, the brother lost in the shadows must find his inner strength before the one he's destined to love looses his life to the endless pursuit of revenge and despair

Pain, searing, bone deep pain racked his body, his subconscious begging for the release that would only be given if he just gave in, just succumb to the darkness.

Arms immobile, they stretched out at his sides. He could still feel the icy hands that bound him, the hard leather biting into the too loose skin on his wrists. The strong material gave no room for movement, and if the bindings were lax in their employment, the needles pressing into his skin surely kept him there.

His feet were bound in the same manner, spread open and vulnerable along the cold surface of the table. The plates against the soles of his feet were cold steel, the needles in his skin like liquid fire. His body shivered. A cold sweat clung to him like a blanket, the perspiration of fear pebbling the skin exposed in his nakedness.

The collar, once constricting around his neck seemed looser due to his ever increasingly frail state. It was like he had never known what it was like to have a full meal, to feel the warmth of the sun against his skin. Closing his eyes he tried to conjure up an image of arms holding him tightly, of a lover’s embrace long lost for the tortures of a demented Elf.

To breed an army so powerful everyone would tremble at his feet, the crazy royal had told him. He could recall the whispers as if they had only passed.

You? You are my special pet, my special kitty. You are going to help me create an army. My people need land and resources, we’re a growing society, and what sort of ruler would I be if I didn’t give them these things? As for me? Why I like riches, I need pretty things to collect and keep close to me. You could be such a jewel if only you would tell me your secrets. Help me breed a great and powerful Elf army my pet, help me give them special powers with which to fight, shape-shifting powers like the ones you and your people possess.

He had refused, he had fought. He couldn’t tell the Elf how he came about his powers even if he wanted to. It was just in his nature, like every shape-shifter, to be able to take multiple forms when needed. It was as natural to him as breathing. But the Elf had not believed him.

Well then, we’re just going to have to find out how you breathe.

And that had been what felt like an eternity ago.

“So beautiful,” the voice spoke from somewhere beside him. “You’re colours are so gorgeous. But I’m not surprised given your … delicious… human form. I think another more… private meetings is in order. Hmm?”

A soft, almost childlike giggle rolled around his ear, soft fingers stroking through the fur. The touch belied the cruelty he knew the Elf possessed, the sheer hatred in his soul.

“But, I have a few more tests before we have a little fun, so be a good kitty and let’s see if we can get your claws to come out hmm? I think I’d like to see them.

A firm, long fingered, hand gripped his jaw too tightly and he was forced to open his mouth. Feline canines gleamed in the light of the overhead surgical lamps.

“Yunho, you’ve been keeping things from me! Or did you want to give me a nice surprise?” Another giggle and the hand tightened as a tongue entered his mouth, brushing overt his teeth and lips.

“Ooh, and sharp too, very wonderful,” the invading tongue was quickly replaced by the familiar weight of the gag effectively holding his head to the table while rendering him unable to scream.

Panic began to rise from his gut like it always did. It was always a different kind of unbearable pain, a burning through his entire body as the Elf King tried to pull his true form out from within him piece by piece. The memories of the last time he was in this room, on this table, came to the forefront of his mind. He could feel himself begin to shake and whimper.

“Shhh,” the Elf cooed. “I haven’t even begun to torture you yet you filthy creature!”

Laughter filled the room as the machines in the background began to buzz and whirr. Tears began to fall unbidden from his eyes as the feeling of fire tore through his body and all Yunho could do was scream.
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alyssawordlesslove on October 28th, 2011 04:33 am (UTC)
that was delightfully frightening. really really good.
imagining junsu as and evil elf is guiltily very delicious. with junsu being so angle like seeing him as evil is refreshing and addictive. even thouhg i wish yunho no more harm (though i'm quite sure more is coming) i can't wait for more evil!junsu^^

wait a while longer yunho, jaejae will save you!
Sevchu: 김준수: bottle envydreaminthepast on October 30th, 2011 04:39 pm (UTC)
I find that every once and a while Junsu will say something, or do something, and I'm like, "yup, secretly evil." It's definitely a guilty pleasure to either write him as slightly unhinged (aka In the Line of Fire), or evil.

My poor Yunnie, I'm so cruel to him (and by me, I mean Junsu). Here's hoping Jaejae will find him soon!