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10 October 2011 @ 12:50 am
Fic: Seeking You 3/?  
Title: Seeking You chapter 3
Pairing: Jaejoong x Yunho / Changmin x Yoochun (Junsu x Yunho)
Rating: (overall) NC-17 This Chapter G
Disclaimer: None of the characters portrayed are my own, only the plot and the adventure.
Summary: On a quest to fulfill his birthright Jaejoong must conqueror more than just the Dark Elf plotting to destroy his city walls, he must also find it in his heart to heal the man broken at his feet. Meanwhile, the brother lost in the shadows must find his inner strength before the one he's destined to love looses his life to the endless pursuit of revenge and despair.

The street hummed with activity as he walked, people brushing past him, carrying heavy loads and generally being busy as they tried to make a living. Their shabby clothes brushed along the well worn dirt paths causing Jaejoong to scowl at how inhumane it all looked. Ramshackle carts followed behind many of the people the iron wheels screeching along, laden down by their burdens of produce and fish from the harbour.

Cobblestones made up the pathways under his feet causing Jaejoong to cough through all of the dust he kicked up as he walked. He would have to send all of his clothes to be laundered after the trip, even his boots.

The green beacon on the enchanted map flashed in his mind as Jaejoong tried to remember all of the turns that he was required to make in order to reach the barracks. His eyes darted sporadically from building to building, shop to shop before returning back to the cobblestone as the Prince tried not to step in anything unseemly.

There were shops of every kind imaginable, and Jaejoong thought if the village hadn’t been so loathsome he might want to stop and spend a few coins. Food stalls were spaced out in an intricate design along the curbs of the streets and alleyways, aromas of spices and meats tingling Jaejoong’s nose and making his mouth water. But there was no time to stop as the Prince continued to twist and turn through throngs of people.

After about the fourth turn, Jaejoong was becoming increasingly conscious of the eyes staring at him. Their cold eyes were watching his every movement, watching Jaejoong’s every step as he made his way through the rural community. At first their eyes seemed curious, none of the people watching him appearing to ever have seen a man from the palatial capital. But then Jaejoong began to be weary, their stairs growing longer, more brazen. People began to gather in the hollows of the streets, whispers beginning to break out where the gaggles were thickest.

“What are you looking at?” Jaejoong huffed to no one in particular as several people stepped forward to blatantly point at him, hidden whispers behind their hands.

The commotion was starting to grow to an unruly size. The volume of the whispering grew louder as even more people began to come out of houses and shops to stare. Children ran from house to house calling out their neighbours to see the stranger and echoes of his name began to crest the air like some sort of sorcery.

It made Jaejoong begin to panic. He could feel his wings twitch beneath his sweater as the urge to flee swelled inside his gut. I am too young and beautiful to die, he thought to himself.

It was only two more blocks to the armoury; if he could just make it there he would be safe. His half brother was bound by blood to protect him.

“It is him!” a woman shouted from somewhere behind him, and before Jaejoong could think to run or turn to identify the voice a soggy, half-rotten vegetable hit him square between the shoulder blades.

The wind jumped in his throat, a sharp pain riding along his wings caused them to seize and bunch against the fabric that encased them.

Before he could weigh the consequences, anger overtook him and Jaejoong stopped, turning to face the assaulting mob.

“Hey, how dare you!” Jaejoong screamed, pointing an accusatory finger.

And before he could get his hands up as a shield something else equally as rotten hit him in the chest.

It all happened so quickly Jaejoong didn’t even know how he had managed to be entangled by them. The whole mob appeared to circle him, an assortment of ragged, filthy creatures yelling insults and wielding putrid projectiles. Trying in vain to protect himself, a well placed kick sent Jaejoong to the ground as he tried to guard himself from the gnarled, clawing hands of the old women and the wooden walking sticks of their husbands. It all became a blur as they kicked him, tearing at his clothes, and spitting on him until finally they all seemed to be scared off by a loud high-pitched whistle.

“Get back or I’ll have you all tied to the pole!” a commanding voice yelled. “He is not yours to condemn or punish regardless of his crimes.”

The mob seemed to shrink away, quelled, and Jaejoong cracked open an eye. The man standing over him had drawn a large sword, but a quiver and bow hung over his shoulder to rest on his back. Jaejoong’s first reaction was that he was tall, with a dark complexion and an even darker look in his eyes.

“Ar-are you ok?” A rather timid voice asked something Jaejoong had not expected from someone who had just a minute ago so forcefully taken on his attackers.

“Am I ok? Do I look ok? Look at my clothes their ruined and my hair is a mess. I’m going to have bruises all over my perfect skin for weeks!” Jaejoong bemoaned, trying to pick chunks of tomato out of his hair.

He could feel the seedy pulp squelch down his back, the stickiness of rotten fruit stuck under his fingernails.

“Well, you’re welcome. Come on, I have some clothes you can wear back at the barracks and you can have a hot shower there too.”

The stranger turned, allowing Jaejoong to see his closely cropped black hair and well fitted uniform, the diamonds indicating his place in the military hierarchy. Jaejoong took the offered hand and pulled himself up attempting to brush off as much of the grime as he could before they started to walk in the direction he had originally been headed.

The people had long vanished, back into their shops and houses for fear of being singled out and punished.

“I’m here to see Lieutenant Shim Changmin, do you know him?”

There was no harm in asking, Jaejoong thought. Perhaps the other man had seen him, or worked with him. Jaejoong had no idea what his youngest brother looked like, couldn’t recall seeing the boy after he had turned ten and was taken off for military training. His brother by a different woman, Jaejoong had never felt overly attached to the idea of having a brother sibling. He was much more content in being treated with the extravagance of a single heir child. But his father had wanted both of them to be at the meeting, and that meant, unfortunately, that he had to find him.

“You could say that,” the man frowned. “I am Lieutenant Shim Changmin.”

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alyssawordlesslove on October 15th, 2011 04:47 am (UTC)
*excited giggle*
i am so happy that my guess is right! and very happy to see that changmin is jaejoong's brother^^ i can't wait to see how their relationship pans out, and imagining changmin in a uniform does wonders for my imagination^^

“Ar-are you ok?” A rather timid voice asked something Jaejoong had not expected from someone who had just a minute ago so forcefully taken on his attackers.
lol min, how cute! *big grin*

wow. wow. wow. what a scene...
(i had to go back and check) i have to wonder (though i'm sure i'll find out eventually) just what exactly jaejae did to warant such hatred from the people of his country. is it just because of who he is, or what he has possibly (likely) done?
Sevchu: 심창민: contemplative realitydreaminthepast on October 19th, 2011 10:54 pm (UTC)
Ugh, my reply is so late. Why am I so busy!?

Hehe, I just had to make them brothers. ^^

mmm, all the shiny buttons, and hats and long,knee length military jackets... *cough*

Oh heaven only knows what Jaejoong has done to warrant having rotten food thrown at him. I'm not sure what it is yet, but am confident it will reveal itself to me sooner or later.

Edited at 2011-10-19 10:55 pm (UTC)
tvxq_yongwonhitvxq_yongwonhi on October 31st, 2011 12:39 pm (UTC)
Wah. i really like this. <3
arent u going to x-post this on detox?
Sevchu: 김재중: inked souldreaminthepast on October 31st, 2011 01:41 pm (UTC)
Thank you :3

I had thought about it, generally saving it until I write the JaeHo as I'm not quite sure how long it's going to take for them to meet. Also, it will def. be after some YooMin, so I'm gonna hold onto it for a while.