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02 October 2011 @ 09:57 pm
Fic: Seeking You 2/?  
Title: Seeking You chapter 2
Pairing: Jaejoong x Yunho / Changmin x Yoochun (Junsu x Yunho)
Rating: (overall) NC-17 This Chapter G
Disclaimer: None of the characters portrayed are my own, only the plot and the adventure.
On a quest to fulfill his birthright Jaejoong must conqueror more than just the Dark Elf plotting to destroy his city walls, he must also find
it in his heart to heal the man broken at his feet. Meanwhile, the brother lost in the shadows must find his inner strength before the one
he's destined to love looses his life to the endless pursuit of revenge and despair.

Clouds kissed the mountain peaks, fluffy white stuffing caressing the summit as the sky train puffed steam trails behind it.  Jaejoong sat in one of the packed commuter cars packed with mostly small children and their mothers making their way to the lower town markets.  It was another punishment courtesy of his father meant to drive home the threat of what taking away his status would really mean. 
With the hood of his sweater pulled up and over his eyes so that no one would look at him, or try to talk to him, Jaejoong watched the scenery fly by as he made his way out of the city he had always called his home.  He had always loved living in the shadow of the mountains, the gleaming white of the metropolis with its marble palatial buildings and its golden domed opera house.  Thinking back, ever since Jaejoong was a little boy he had been fascinated by the air ships that sped to and fro on their errands, the layers of traffic divided like the pastries his mother used to bake before she had died. It was one of the only memories of her he had left. 
Death was nothing like the haze he thought.
The haze was eternal, an everlasting life surrounded by the feeling of everyone you had ever loved.  Death, death was cold and finite.
His mood sombre, Jaejoong curled up into his seat.  His head rested against the window, hands tucked underneath as a cushion.   He thought about how he had never traveled so far out of the gleaming metropolis before.  Sure once or twice he had traveled to the fringes to see the wild animals of the forests and the dragons that hunted there, but he had never been beyond that.
He had never seen the training camps of the legendary Djinn army or the shores of the Emerald Sea.  Those were the places of the lower town.   Places that were full of things, until now, he never had to concern himself with. 
Jaejoong didn’t understand why he had to find his brother for this so called quest his father was going to send him on. Surely it wasn’t going to be so dangerous that he needed protection. Not that having the other man along would be of any great help in that department anyway.  The few memories he had of the younger man were scattered, but he did remember a shy, almost comically un-coordinated little boy who would fall over his toys before he ever got to play with them.  And it wasn’t like they were real brothers anyway; only half.   All of his half siblings were younger, set away when they were little to the lower town to quietly serve the interests of the palace in a place that befit their status.
They probably don’t even have to go on stupid quests, Jaejoong thought. 
With a great hiss of steam, the sky train slowed to a gentle stop as its passengers began to gather their luggage and exit the train.  It was slow going and by the time Jaejoong stepped out onto the platform behind a gaggle of small children and their mother he was happy to see the sunlight.  He pushed his hood back wincing at the brightness of the sky before he was able to catch the platform attendant’s eye flashing a smile and sugary sweet thank you when the man didn’t let anyone else enter the lift behind him.  The coin in Jaejoong’s pocket paid for the swift, private lift down to ground level. 
The bathroom seemed as good a place as any to make sure he had everything he needed and Jaejoong was relieved to find the small room empty save for a small spider working its way along the side wall.
Naturally finding his way to a large mirror behind the long row of sinks Jaejoong frowned at how dirty it was.  How could he admire how perfect he was when a multitude of questionable substances and goo obstructed his view?   Fortunately there was just enough of a clean patch that he could check to make sure his wings were hidden underneath his sweater.  The feeling of his satchel resting at his hip was an added comfort as he fished around for the enchanted map he had stashed inside. 

A little green dot flashed with purpose over one of the numerous inked squares in the southern district near the harbour front.   Trying to memorize the landscape so as not have to pull out the map again, Jaejoong gave a quick nod to himself in encouragement.
 The inner door handle was just as disgusting as the rest of the washroom pulling a sneer from the beautiful Djinn.  The long sleeved sweater he wore would have to suffice and so Jaejoong pulled it over his hand, opening the door to make his way towards the large building that housed the more senior military leaders of the country. 

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alyssawordlesslove on October 4th, 2011 10:39 pm (UTC)
"How could he admire how perfect he was when a multitude of questionable substances and goo obstructed his view?"
my FAVORITE line so far!! *laughs* jaejae is so laughably prissy here that it would be hard for anyone to not love him^^

*big sigh* as cute and funny as jaejoong is, he's still so sad - almost in a pitiful way. i can't wiat for him to cheer up~

once again you've done a beautiful job setting the stage for us! getting us sucked into the world you've built, and i enjoy every moment of it^^
Sevchu: 김재중: inked souldreaminthepast on October 6th, 2011 10:40 pm (UTC)
Haha, It's so true. I don't think I expected him to be that prissy but he definitely is.

I think we'll start to see a change in him soon, weather he likes it or not.

Ah, thank you so much, it's becoming a joy to write this story.
vaguelynormalvaguelynormal on October 5th, 2011 04:38 am (UTC)
the thought of jaejoong with wings is very appealing XD i like the imagery you've created, reminds me of steampunk.
Sevchu: 심창민: jester princedreaminthepast on October 6th, 2011 10:41 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much! I"m glad the steampunk elements are coming through ^^