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04 June 2015 @ 11:16 pm
Fic: Cherry Lollipop  
Title: Red Lollipop
Pairing: Jaejoong x Yoochun
Raiting: R
Disclaimer:  They are not mine to corner in delecict houses
Summary: Yoochun finds Jaejoong alone, and edible.  (an ode to Yoochun's birthday)

Inspired by this picture:

“You look good enough to eat.”

Yoochun’s deep voice pulled him from his wandering thoughts.  The wind rustled through the trees and his cock stirred at the deep gruff rumble of his lover’s words.

Jaejoong let his eyelids flutter open, fixing the other man with a sultry glare down the length of his prone body.  His shirttails fluttered in the wind exposing his abdomen, and the large tattoo peaking out from the top of his pants.

“Than you should eat me.”

He was met with a raised eyebrow before Yoochun was crawling up to join him on the small concrete window ledge. Jaejoong spread his legs and Yoochun crawled in-between them until his hands were at the older man’s hips and Jaejoong’s knees were pressed into his ribcage.

“Like a beautifully decorated desert.”

Yoochun’s tongue pressed along the blackness on Jaejoong’s skin, tracing the lines, bumping into the waistband of black boxers.  His tongue flattened, dragging up to Jaejoong’s navel leaving a glistening trail of saliva before returning to its origins.

“Chunnie,”  Jaejoong moaned.  “Less ice cream, more cherry  lollipop.”   He let his arms flop boneless off the ledge and he could feel Yoochun smirk into the skin of his stomach.

His belt came loose before there was a tug on his pants.  Jaejoong raised his hips just enough for Yoochun to slide the clothing down, freeing his erection.

“Cherry lollipop.”

Jaejoong’s eyes slipped close just as Yoochun’s tongue came out to lick around the head of his cock.  The tongue swirled, ran up and over the soft head before Yoochun closed his lips providing some much needed suction.    A moan was lost on the breeze as Yoochun took more of the older man’s erection into his mouth, tongue working hard to massage along the shaft.  He moved slowly, head rising and falling.

“Fuck Chunnie, I’m going to come.”

Yoochun hummed and Jaejoong gasped, hand settling in his lover’s hair.  Yoochun acknowledged the tentative request, relaxing the muscles in his throat.  Jaejoong’s hips moved in a slow rhythm, fucking Yoochun’s mouth while his hand teased lower.

Yoochun had some suggestions of his own.  For a later filled with soft sheets and dancing candles.

Jaejoong’s cock twitched and Yoochun knew he was close. His hands told Jaejoong to still.  He took more of the older man in, nose brushing along his skin.  Yoochun breathed the sent of his lover in deep, let it cloud all of his thoughts with pure, sensual Jaejoong.  He closed his throat, swallowed once and Jaejoong’s attention was all his.  He swallowed a second time and Jaejoong came with a loud cry.

A startled bird took flight from the nearest tree and Yoochun had to concentrate more on swallowing and less on laughing.

Licking his lips, Yoochun climbed up the remainder of Jaejoong’s body to be met with an almost scandalized expression on the older man’s face.

“What? Like you’re one to shy away from an audience.”

Jaejoong pouted, and Yoochun’s only method of appeasement was a kiss.   “Come on, sex kitten let’s go home.  I’m going to need desert.”

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